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Tony Chulla

Tony Chulla

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05/15/08 10:13 PM #3    

Pam Malley (Taplin)

I too am stunned....does anyone know what happened? I didn't know Tony particulary well but have this picture in my head of this darling, handsome dark haired Italian kid. He was always pleasant, well liked and had a nice smile. I have had no contact with him in 30+ years, yet find myself so sad for his passing. I did some research to try to find out what happened....but couldn't find anything. It always makes you realize we need to appreciate the time we have. I look forward to seeing everyone. Pam

05/19/08 01:48 PM #4    

Thana Johnson (Fineman)

Tony passed away suddenly on Easter Sunday. His sister Nancy has read the posts and said "please let folks know we appreciate their memories".

05/24/08 01:13 PM #5    

Jon Jacobs

I saw Tony aka "chumly" at Safeway here in Rohnert Park. I hadn't seen him fore ever. We must have just sat there in the isle for 20 mins, catching up. I was looking forward to spending more time with him to re-connect. Trish is right, He was liked by everyone. A total crack up. Absolutely blew me away. wow, thats all I can say about that!

05/25/08 10:01 PM #6    

Linda Heller (Zanze)

I grew up with Tony starting at Don Timoteo. He was part of the group we all hung with...Tony was always there when you turned around with a big smile on his face! He was a crack up and always ready to go! He will always be part of my growing up memories in Terra Linda. Regards to his family.

Linda Heller (Zanze)

05/28/08 03:16 PM #7    

Blake Waltrip

I played little league with Tony and his Dad was the head coach. He was a great guy and I wish I had stayed in touch. So sorry to hear this and would like to send my best to his family.


05/30/08 10:27 AM #8    

Chris Huot

Tony was the best friend I've ever had. If it were not for Tony physically dragging me to school during the final months of senior year, I wouldn't have graduated From TLHS. Because of his friendship and his stubborn unwillingness to let me ruin my future, I did graduate and went on to earn a college degree as well. Tony stood by my side in a tuxedo at my wedding, and he helped me celebrate the births of each of my three children. We did not see each other nearly enough in the past several years, and for that I will forever be filled with regret. For the rest of my life I'll miss the way he cackled when he laughed, and he laughed alot. No one has ever made me laugh the way I laughed when I was with Tony. I'm not sure how I'll be able to attend this reunion without my best friend Tony, because I went to the first two with him as my wing man. But,I know he really enjoyed partying and catching up with his old classmates, so many of which he called friends, that I have a sense that I'll soon feel him pushing and pulling me to go, just the same way he forced me go to school.

06/20/08 07:05 AM #9    

Cathi Gasher (Kuntz)

I am so incredibly sad and shocked at this news. It's wierd how you don't realize how much someone impacted you until a moment like this.

Tony ALWAYS made me feel special. When we were together (in the hall ways at school, in class, at a sporting event - anywhere really) he had a gift of making me think I was the only other human being in the world because he focused all his attention on our conversation.

Being someone who appreciates and values a sense of humor over anything else, he struck me as a kin folk in that regard. Tony loved to laugh. Tony made me laugh when he wasn't even trying to.

He made an impression all those years ago, and honestly not knowing what his past 30 years have been like - it's my extreme pleasure to remember him that way, full of laughter and care.

He was indeed one of my most favorite people in Terra Linda.

Blessings to his family - I am so sorry for your loss.

~ Cathi

07/29/08 11:11 AM #10    

Ron Tallariti

So sad to here about Tony. We had a good relationship mostly through baseball. I saw him last in the early to mid 80's and it was near fathers day. He said to say hi to my dad and we talked about his. He seemed so sad that his dad had passed away and now to here about him passing away is so sad. Well at least he is with his dad again. He was a great guy. Ron Tallariti

09/28/08 01:18 AM #11    

Doug Degnan

In celebration of Tony's life as he would want us all to do I would like to share a few short stories about some life experiences I had the privilege to share with Tony.

The first time I recall meeting Tony was at Don Timoteo in about the 4th grade. I remember chasing Tony around the school for the entire recess for some wisenheimer comment that he made. Unfortunately, Tony was the fastest kid in our class and I just remember him looking back encouraging me to chase him.

By the time recess was over I hadn't caught him and we laughed our way back to class. It's funny how friendships are initiated.

In the summer of our sophomore year Tony invited me to go to the Klammath River on a fishing trip with him. We loaded up his 1967 Dodge Dart and headed to the Oregon border. The first day I'll never forget rushing up to Tony excited about catching my first fish on the Klammath River, Tony bursting into laughter, saying "You dumb ass, that's a carp garbage fish!" which I immediately started laughing with him.

We celebrated his birthday up at the river that year by doing donuts in a farmer's field for about half an hour laughing our asses off.

On that trip we ran out of money and food and we were living off the fish we caught during the day. One evening we were cooking them on the fire and one of them fell into the fire and I looked at Tony and said, "that's yours." He quickly looked at me and slapped the other two fish into the fire and said, "Those are yours." We both laughed and started picking the fish out of the fire.

Tony was an incredible outdoorsman. He was an accomplished hunter and fisherman, someone that I learned a lot from. He took a lot of interest in our son Brian when we would go deer hunting with him. Tony always made time to interact and show interest in young people.

Having property up north in Lake Pillsbury, I would travel past the ranch that Tony lived at, the Austin Crawford
Ranch, about every other week and would stop in and see Tony and just stay in touch. Tony always seemed happy living up in northern California in the country on a ranch that he had known since he was very young. The week before Tony passed I had stopped in and Tony was building a set of stairs in one of the homes on the ranch and couldn't wait to share his accomplishment. I'm very glad that I had the opportunity to see him and speak with him that last time. He was one of my brothers who I will miss very much and keep in my heart and mind always.

Tony, I will miss your warm heart and insatiable laugh which I can hear when I close my eyes and think of you.

10/11/08 12:46 PM #12    

Richard Clark

Its a shock to loose Tony at such a young age. Tony was one of the first friends i made in 1970 5th grade. We spent many days afield duck and goose hunting.Fishing,camping, allways laughing. Thats what i will allways remember WOODY WOODPECKER. Tony rest in pece we will never forget our days together, and 3:00am drives up north to hunt the Sac.vally.And most of all San Pablo Bay! Richard Clark

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