In Memory

Ruth Harlan

Please share your memories of Ruth.

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09/03/08 09:02 PM #1    

Edmond Andre Mandin

Ruth was my first pre-teen crush and my first pre-teen kiss. I can remember sitting in the sandalwood incense of her room, on oversized paisely pillows, listening to Carole King's Smack Water Jack.

I'd like to know more of her life.

Eddie Mandin

08/06/09 06:13 AM #2    

Cathi Gasher (Kuntz)

I have several memories, but one in particular that will never leave me:

I was at Debbie Ford's house with Ruth and Trisha McLean. We were bored and someone came up with this brilliant idea to drive Debbie's mom's big blue station wagon.

We got around the corner and Trisha ran the car up onto the median, hit a mailbox and trashed the tire. At about this same time my mom just happened to be driving my older brother Doug over to his best friend's house (Michael Kirby) and they drove past us after the accident was fresh!

I just remember Ruth laughing hysterically while the rest of us cried. We knew we were in deep trouble but Ruth had never experienced so much "fun" before!

Yup - we got in big trouble, had to pay to replace the tire and rim and for quite awhile our parents didn't let us hang out together.

Moral of the story: wait until you are tall enough to reach the pedals before you take the parents car out for a joy ride. Hint: you'll probably be older than 12 when that occurs!!!

Sorry you have left us Ruth - there is no doubt in my mind that you are laughing and seeking thrills at this moment!

08/15/09 12:29 AM #3    

Christian Mandin

Ruth Harlan,

If I remember right we were very good friends in kindergarten at Nova Albion Grammer School. Then I think she moved away and came back in the 3rd grade. When she came back she wanted nothing to do with me anymore. I never really understood why. I dont think we said more than 10 words to each other ever again. It is very sad to hear she died and nobody even knows what year she died. Well I hope she is happy where ever she is at...good by Ruth.

Chris Mandin

11/19/14 05:49 AM #4    

Paula Frigillana (Bonelli)

Ruth was my next door neighbor from Kindergarden thru high school. She was a good friend of mine. She had a terrible childhood, dropped out of high school and was crowned Queen of Hookers in Sausalito. Ruth lived a hard, hard life. She was found dead along the side of the road when she was still in her teens. 

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